November Update

Again, it’s been a while.  Here’s the latest!

I transferred this fall to the University of Massachusetts as an English major.  The semester is almost over.  Wow, that’s hard to believe.  It’s been good overall.  And I started working as an American Reads Tutor at a local elementary school, which has, overall, also been good, but it sorta depends on the day!

I moved into an apartment in Amherst, MA, with a very easy-going roommate.  So that’s been stress – free.

I’m working hard to achieve my goal of graduating.  Then, hopefully I’ll be doing some more English teaching abroad in the future!  Thinkin maybe South Korea or Colombia.  Two very different locations, but there are reasons to go to both.  Who knows?  Maybe I will hit them BOTH up in my lifetime!

Still no driver’s license (THAT’S a frustrating tale) but I’m working on it!  And yes, I did get braces.  I believe all around I’m headed in the right direction, after my vagabond days.  Going to DC in a couple of days for Thanksgiving, which hopefully will be fun and not too stressful.



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