New(est) plan

So, my newest plan is to leave here to England the end of this month, so in about three weeks.  From there, fly to Boston in the beginning of April, like the first week.  When I get home, I will have 2 MAIN GOALS which will be:

  1. Find a job
  2. Begin taking driving lessons

Additonally, I will have two less-time-eminent-goals

  1. Get braces
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Find a place to live before I (hopefully) start UMASS.

This plan seemes the most appealing to me, which means soon I´ll have the difficult task of breaking the news to the family I´m staying with that I will NOT, in fact, be staying until May as originally stated.  Ultimately, though, I feel like this is the best decision for me.

I´m supposed to begin volunteering in a classroom next week, which will mean I will only have two weeks of volunteering before I leave.