What a contrast…

This is something I wrote on Wednesday, February 17 but forgot to post here:

I find myself living the polar opposite of where I was living a couple of months ago. In Nicaragua, I was living in a colonial style house with an open roof where you could watch the rain pour down into the garden, which was in the middle of the house. Everything I needed was in walking distance or a cheap taxi ride away. When I took the bus, it was to the beach and it was always jam packed.  Here, in the suburbs, I find myself quite literally living inside a box, on a street with rows and rows and rows of other boxes all connected. For the first couple of days, I kept thinking about that “little boxes” song, except here, all the boxes are white. I can’t walk to much of anything easily, and so every day I’ve taken the bus into Madrid. The bus is never packed — at times, I’ve found I’m the only one on it, always guaranteed a nicely upholstered seat, whereas on the chicken bus, a seat was never a given unless you got on early and sat baking in the sun. Which brings me to yet another contrast – whereas in Nicaragua I was constantly sweating, here I have succumbed once again to the battle of getting out from under the covers in the morning because it’s so friggen cold.   And lastly, whereas in Leon I was around other people my own age, here most of my social interactions are with a six year old and her parents.  I realize a lot of this has a negative ring to it, which believe it or not, isn’t my intention.  If someone told me,  “you’re going back to Nicaragua tomorrow” I’m pretty sure I would decline.  But I still have moments of disbelief at the contrast in my surroundings.

Even though it’s been less than a week since I wrote this, my thoughts have changed some more.  Well, a lot has changed since then, including my living situation.  Will have to give a full update soon!  Until then, here’s some photos of Madrid.




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