Self-esteem and self-acceptance

I’m working on feeling better about myself.  Not everyone knows this about me, but I suffer from extremely intense, and at times, debilitating, low self-esteem.  I frequently have thoughts like, “You’re stupid. You’re lazy.  You’re a horrible excuse for a human being.  Why were you even born?”  It’s mentally exhausting to walk around with these thoughts, like a heavy load you can never put down. I’m aware these thoughts are irrational, damaging and ultimately untrue, but being aware of this doesn’t stop them from sneaking their way into my psyche.

I’m trying to think more positively about my personality, which can be difficult because I am an introverted person and extroversion is usually valued more.  Everyone likes the life of the party personality type, and it’s hard for people like me to be ok with NOT being this way.   I’ve done a lot of mental work trying to be more accepting of myself and my introversion, but it’s an ongoing process and I can’t say I’ve “overcome” the feeling of inadequacy.  It’s a work in progress, I guess!


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