The Departure

I’m leaving Nicaragua in three short days.  Am I ready to leave?  This is an impossibly hard question to answer, in part because the reasons I am ready to leave have little to do with Nicaragua itself.  There’s plenty I’m NOT ready to leave behind — the sense of community, the ability to walk everywhere, the less stressful pace of life, the friendliness I encounter in so many, drinking 5 cent natural juice out of a plastic bag, eating fritanga behind the cathedral, treating myself to the most delicious coffee in Cafe Libelula, staring out at the ocean, being crammed tighter than sardines in a chicken bus… I will miss all and more of this.  That being said, I am ready to leave in the sense that I need more focus in my life — at times I’ve felt like I’ve been “floating aimlessly” these past few months, and too much aimless floating can drive you crazy!  I have also been working a little bit, but not enough to offer me a steady daily structure, which is something I have come to appreciate. For all I know, though, I will still be floating aimlessly on my next adventure.  As it stands now, the plan is to au pair in Spain for three months, starting in February.  First, I’m heading back to the US to spend time with my family, and then, in mid-January, will visit extended family in England, and eventually fly to Spain from there.  All plans, though, have the possibility of falling through, so who knows if it will pan out?  What I DO know for certain is that I am leaving Leon, Nicaragua in three days time, and there is SO much I will miss about this place!


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