Trip to Costa Rica

Last week, my roommate/friend and I went to Costa Rica.  The purpose of the trip, in a technical sense, was for us to renew our Nicaraguan visas by crossing the border, and then being reissued one when returning to Nicaragua.  It was quite the trip, for a number of reasons.  One of the craziest things was that Nicaragua temporarily closed the border with Costa Rica right after — in fact, our bus was one of the last ones to cross the border into Costa Rica with relative ease, as another friend of mine was stuck on her bus for 24 hours.  Luckily, they reopened the border after a couple of days and we were able to get back to Nicaragua as planned.  The reason for all this was a group of 1500 Cuban migrants who were trying to get to the US.  They had flown from Cuba to Ecuador, then Panama, and had walked several months until they reached Costa Rica ,where they were issued transit visas but were ultimately blocked from entering Nicaragua, and, after protests at the border (which we witnessed from our bus) were tear-gassed by the army and sent back to Costa Rica.  These were families, many with children, by the way.  When we were going back to Nicaragua, they still hadn’t been allowed through, and were camped out in front of the immigration building.  They had hung up all their clothes along the fences and were lying on blankets, cardboard boxes, sleeping bags, etc.  According to the press, they are still there, stuck in limbo, until it’s decided what “should be done with them.”

I’ve never seen anything like it, and my mind immediately goes to the hundreds of thousands of refugees/ migrants across the globe…


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