Another day, another post: Kids in Ocotal


I mentioned in the last post that I taught kids English during my study abroad program.  In fact, this was probably the highlight of the entire experience.

For the program, I was living in the small town of Ocotal in northern Nicaragua, close to the border with Honduras.  While there, I had the opportunity to teach in the afternoons to a group of third graders.  This school, or “Centro de Desarollo Infantil,” was a free school / childcare program for kids ages birth – 10 years old.

The kids I taught were amazing in that they possessed a desire and enthusiasm for learning unparalleled to anything I’d seen before.  Whenever I showed up to teach, they would run up excitedly, “Profe de ingles!” and immediately bombard me with questions.  They would participate to the utmost in any activities I came up with, whether it be a song, a worksheet, a story, a game, etc.     Worksheets, in fact, were some of their favorite activities, and they always wanted to bring extra copies home with them so that their parents/siblings/cousins could learn English too.


They were a wonderful group of kids because they possessed a natural curiosity an and unfaltering eagerness to learn.  I enjoyed every minute of teaching them, because they were so responsive to my efforts.  I hope one day to feel as inspired/invigorated as I did in their classroom!


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